New Patient Registration

Our surgery welcomes new patients that live in our practice area and will also register patients outside of our boundary area under an "out of area scheme".

Full Patient Registration

To register as an individual or for everyone in your household you will need you to visit the surgery to complete a registration form. All sections on the form must be completed including:

  • Your previous address in UK
  • Previous doctor whilst as that address
  • Address of previous doctor
  • If you are from abroad
  • Your first UK address where registered with a GP
  • Date you first came to live in UK

All new patients will also need to complete a new patient health questionnaire giving details of your important past medical history, medication you are on, allergies etc. Medications will not be issued unless a new patient medical has been completed.

Temporary Patient Registration

As well as permanent registrations, we can also register people if they are staying in the practice area on a temporary basis – either up to 15 days or over 15 days and up to 3 months. You will need to provide the name and full address of your own surgery.

Practice Area

Please contact us for more information on the practice area.