Home Visits

Home visits are not available using our online booking system, so please ring the surgery to request one. Requests for home visits should be made, if possible, before 10am.

Eligibility for Home Visits

Home visits are for:

  • those who are house bound (usually the elderly or severely disabled)
  • individuals that are so unwell it is impossible for them to travel to the surgery

The average patient takes 10 minutes in the surgery. The average visit (including time there and back) takes one hour. This means that most visits are delayed until after a surgery.

No transport or "not well enough to walk down" is not a valid reason for a home visit. By the nature of the service, most people visiting the surgery are unwell and many have to use exceptional means to get us. Ask a friend or family member to drive you, take public transport or use a taxi.

You may be telephoned after you request a home visit

Some patients may be telephoned by the doctor on requesting a visit. The symptoms and situation will be clarified to assess clinical need and urgency – at this point the doctor may:

  • give direct medical advice
  • make arrangements/suggestions to see you at the surgery or
  • arrange a visit