WGPCC Patient Engagement

Commissioning patient-centred care is a core objective of the WGPCC. In order to truly achieve the vision of 'no decision about me, without me', set out in the Health and Social Care Act, it is vital that we do all we can to:

  • Involve our patients in decisions about commissioning services, ensuring that priorities and activities of the consortium are informed and driven by patients.
  • Provide patients with the opportunity to tell us what they think.
  • Ensure that key messages reach as many patients as possible by using a range of communication channels.
  • Understand any issues that patients may have with healthcare locally, in order to identify solutions.

There are lots of ways in which you can become involved, including:
  • Joining a practice patient group: Kings Lane Medical Practice has its own patient group that mainly meets to discuss matters relating to the practice, but is also be interested in what is going on in the wider healthcare community. If you wish to learn more about this practice patient group, please contact the practice reception.

  • Becoming a virtual patient council member: Sign up to www.wirralccg.nhs.uk/gpcc and give us your email address so we can keep you informed of what’s going on with healthcare locally, and you can take part in surveys and share your views. This covers not only what your GP practice has to offer, but also hospital and community services.

  • Joining the Patient Council: As well as being a virtual member, you can also attend our meetings with patients from other WGPCC practices. These take place every month and we discuss issues such as what healthcare priorities the consortium should focus on, any problems that patients and their families may be experiencing with local providers, or ways in which services or facilities could be changed or improved.

WGPCC has also provided Kings Lane practice with 'Get involved' postcards, which will be displayed in the reception to enable you to provide us with your details if you wish to receive more information about the activities of the consortium, or get involved in one of the above groups. Please contact the reception about this.

Email Registration

We are working together with 26 other practices in Wirral to improve services for patients. We want to make sure that you, as our patient, are at the heart of what we do. We need your help to do this!

Please contact the practice to ask the reception to register your email address for the PPG

By supplying us with your e-mail address you are giving us consent to keep you informed of Practice information and what is going on with healthcare locally, by sharing it with the Wirral GP Commissioning Consortium (WGPCC). Your e-mail address will be held securely in the strictest confidence by NHS staff and will not be disclosed to any other organisation.